Beauty Review: Too Faced Born This Way Liquid Foundation

*I have a normal-combination skin where my T-zone is a tad oily while the other areas are normal. My skintone is around MAC NC25. My skin concerns at the moment are fine lines, brown spots and the occasional zits. I live in a humid country where it's hot all year long.*

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

I am finally back with a beauty review! Pretty excited as I have been delaying this since forever. Work has been a little hectic, in fact I just spent the whole day with the students at Bandar Hilir and Pantai Klebang where they were required to interview and snap a selfie with tourists. It went very well and I am very proud of their dedication and teamwork. Some even taught me how to fly a kite!

Anyway, work aside, time for a serious business here. I would like to share my thoughts on the latest liquid foundation from Too Faced that was just out at Sephora MY for about a month now.  It costs RM135. According to the website it will have 18 shades by fall. I am unsure if the shades are available here in Malaysia but I'm quite sure it has a pretty decent range. I'll explain further in terms of its packaging, formulation and my overall thoughts.

I'll be honest, more than 40% of my purchases were based on the packaging. Packing looks good, I'll buy it. A perfume has quirky designs, I'd buy it because I think it would look good on my vanity. Too Faced is one of those brands that offers super cute packaging. Born This Way foundation comes in a cute light pink box with black and gold prints. The black cap has the usual "TF" stamped onto it while the bottle is frosted glass.It has a pump which is handy in helping me control the amount needed to be dispensed. And it's hygienic too!


You can check out the ingredients list below. I am not an expert in this area and reading all those ingredients just make me feel like I'm in a chemistry class. Not really my cuppa tea since high school lol. The webpage stated that "This revolutionary foundation is infused with a potent combination of Coconut Water to naturally replenish moisture levels; nature’s resilient Alpine Rose to brighten the skin’s appearance and promote elasticity and Hyaluronic Acid for a smoother, more youthful appearance."

Overall thoughts:
I haven't had the chance to check out this foundation at Sephora since I have no opportunity to go to KL in these few months. However, since my baby sister lives 10mins from KLCC, I asked her help to purchase this foundation for me. Up until today I have no clue as to why she bought me in the shade Sand. It is way too dark for my skintone. She thought it'd be alright for me. (*_*)
I usually mix it with another lighter foundation but for this review purpose, I solely wear this over my current favourite primer, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It definitely look muddy on me, sometimes too orange. It is super easy to blend and buildable with no qualms. I applied it using my Sigma F80 kabuki brush. I have very fine lines around my forehead and that annoying area around my nose but it did not settle in. My T-zone only started to look a tad oily after 4 hours but not the horrendous greasy one, more like glowy so I was okay with it. Nothing a blotter couldn't help. I loved it!
The foundation claims to have undetectable medium-to-full coverage. The formulation is dreamy, feeling very light on my skin. I prefer to set it with a setting powder to help lengthen the staying power.  I can't tell much about its coverage since I got it at a darker shade.

Final verdict:
I will definitely purchase another one in my true shade! I use this almost everyday for a week now, mixing it with Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide in Ivory which is too light for me. Since I'm mixing it with another foundation, I can't really see or feel the benefit of Coconut Water, Alpine Rose and Hyaluronic Acid on my skin. Good news is, it doesn't break me out. I have sensitive skin so I would know in an instant if my skin isn't liking any products.
Having said that, I have a feeling those with excessive oily skin may not enjoy this foundation especially if you're living in a tropical countries. I suggest for you to try out samples first before buying the full size. You can bring along a small container to Sephora and ask the beauty assistant to fill in some for you.

I hope this review helps you decide whether to purchase the foundation or not. I've tried my very best to describe my experience thoroughly. Should you have any inquiries, ask away! Till then, have a great week ahead!

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