Beauty Review: Too Faced Born This Way Liquid Foundation

*I have a normal-combination skin where my T-zone is a tad oily while the other areas are normal. My skintone is around MAC NC25. My skin concerns at the moment are fine lines, brown spots and the occasional zits. I live in a humid country where it's hot all year long.*

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

I am finally back with a beauty review! Pretty excited as I have been delaying this since forever. Work has been a little hectic, in fact I just spent the whole day with the students at Bandar Hilir and Pantai Klebang where they were required to interview and snap a selfie with tourists. It went very well and I am very proud of their dedication and teamwork. Some even taught me how to fly a kite!

Anyway, work aside, time for a serious business here. I would like to share my thoughts on the latest liquid foundation from Too Faced that was just out at Sephora MY for about a month now.  It costs RM135. According to the website it will have 18 shades by fall. I am unsure if the shades are available here in Malaysia but I'm quite sure it has a pretty decent range. I'll explain further in terms of its packaging, formulation and my overall thoughts.

I'll be honest, more than 40% of my purchases were based on the packaging. Packing looks good, I'll buy it. A perfume has quirky designs, I'd buy it because I think it would look good on my vanity. Too Faced is one of those brands that offers super cute packaging. Born This Way foundation comes in a cute light pink box with black and gold prints. The black cap has the usual "TF" stamped onto it while the bottle is frosted glass.It has a pump which is handy in helping me control the amount needed to be dispensed. And it's hygienic too!


You can check out the ingredients list below. I am not an expert in this area and reading all those ingredients just make me feel like I'm in a chemistry class. Not really my cuppa tea since high school lol. The webpage stated that "This revolutionary foundation is infused with a potent combination of Coconut Water to naturally replenish moisture levels; nature’s resilient Alpine Rose to brighten the skin’s appearance and promote elasticity and Hyaluronic Acid for a smoother, more youthful appearance."

Overall thoughts:
I haven't had the chance to check out this foundation at Sephora since I have no opportunity to go to KL in these few months. However, since my baby sister lives 10mins from KLCC, I asked her help to purchase this foundation for me. Up until today I have no clue as to why she bought me in the shade Sand. It is way too dark for my skintone. She thought it'd be alright for me. (*_*)
I usually mix it with another lighter foundation but for this review purpose, I solely wear this over my current favourite primer, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It definitely look muddy on me, sometimes too orange. It is super easy to blend and buildable with no qualms. I applied it using my Sigma F80 kabuki brush. I have very fine lines around my forehead and that annoying area around my nose but it did not settle in. My T-zone only started to look a tad oily after 4 hours but not the horrendous greasy one, more like glowy so I was okay with it. Nothing a blotter couldn't help. I loved it!
The foundation claims to have undetectable medium-to-full coverage. The formulation is dreamy, feeling very light on my skin. I prefer to set it with a setting powder to help lengthen the staying power.  I can't tell much about its coverage since I got it at a darker shade.

Final verdict:
I will definitely purchase another one in my true shade! I use this almost everyday for a week now, mixing it with Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide in Ivory which is too light for me. Since I'm mixing it with another foundation, I can't really see or feel the benefit of Coconut Water, Alpine Rose and Hyaluronic Acid on my skin. Good news is, it doesn't break me out. I have sensitive skin so I would know in an instant if my skin isn't liking any products.
Having said that, I have a feeling those with excessive oily skin may not enjoy this foundation especially if you're living in a tropical countries. I suggest for you to try out samples first before buying the full size. You can bring along a small container to Sephora and ask the beauty assistant to fill in some for you.

I hope this review helps you decide whether to purchase the foundation or not. I've tried my very best to describe my experience thoroughly. Should you have any inquiries, ask away! Till then, have a great week ahead!

Just a quick hello!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well wherever you are. 
The weather is crazy these days in my country. One minute it's a hundred degree outside and the next minute you have the rain pouring like there's no tomorrow you start to feel you probably need Noah's Ark.

Anyway, it is going to be a quick (or rather, short) one this time.

After some thoughts I have decided for this blog to focus on my reviews on things I love and passionate about, mainly cosmetics, skincare items and places I have visited. 

I feel like at this moment, these keep me sane.

Work has been, well, quite challenging as well. I tried very hard not to use 'crazy'.
Apart from 24 teaching hours per week, which has been like that for me for almost 2.5 years now, there are also research and paper to be done, students' activities, preparing quizzes, test and exam questions and not to forget, students' work to be assessed. My average number of students for each class this semester is 28 and I have 6 classes so yeah, go figure. I'm teaching 3 subjects this semester by the way.
Now, don't get me wrong. I am in no way no anything complaining. This is the job I signed for regardless of the system and all. I need the job and I'm beyond grateful for having it. 
It may be (very) tiring but other than being Samantha Brown, I can't imagine doing anything else as my career. One thing for sure, it allows me to travel twice a year because of the long semester break so you lose, you win some.
I got the chance to visit Seoul again last May and it was amazing because I finally had the chance to try out their street food. It is actually super easy to get halal food over there. I will share more on the trip later. Trust me, that is going to be a loooooong one.

I will start off reviewing stuff again some time this week. The ultimate reason I'm doing this is simply to share my thoughts on products that work or don't work on me. Prior to buying anything I always spend time reading reviews made by other awesome beauty bloggers and this has helped me with my purchase a lot. So I thought I should be doing the same too to help others too.
I am excited that finally is happening. I have been delaying this for so long now. 

Till then, just like how I love Ellen Degeneres always says, be nice. The world needs it these days.

"So, when are you getting married?"

 *pic credit to quizony*

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Alrightey singletons! 
The Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays are already here. In few days there’ll be family gatherings, visiting family members from one house to another. 
Now, brace yourself! No, not for those scrumptious food, honey. Even before you are able to touch the ketupat, lemang, kuah kacang and lodeh on the table, you will have all the aunties and uncles (and even cousins!) asking you the million-dollar question: "So, when are you getting married?" 
Okay, let’s face this. I am at the age where woman should already be married. Worse, both of my baby sisters are married (now they get a new question "When are you having babies?") and I’m the only daughter left, so yeah, the question comes a lot more frequent than you can think of. I understand now that this question has become a norm in every culture, as even the Western culture does this. As I also watch a lot of K-Drama, I can also conclude that it happens over there as well. 
To be honest, I hate that question. I loathe it with a passion. 
I don’t quite understand why the question is even needed to be asked in the first place. Basically, if I were to get married, my father would only need to tell one of his sisters and poof! The whole extended family would know then. 
Yup, we have our own version of CNN, you know. 
Anyway, like I said, I loathe the question with a passion. Well, let’s face it, when you’re asked, the only answer you could provide is “InsyaAllah, bila dah jumpa jodoh,” (God’s willing, when I have met the right person). 
 And as usual, they would respond that I’m being picky. 
Ok people, I am being picky. I think I have the right to do that.
This is my whole life we’re talking about. If I were to marry this guy, he would be the person I shall devote myself to, he would be the father of my offspring, he would be the one to share my burden and he would be the person I shall love until after the day I die. Well, I can’t surely pick anyone on the street, can I? Or just marry the next guy who wants to befriend me. 
And I’m a Libra, I suck at making decision. I can’t even decide whether to get the blue or emerald green handbags and it’s been over a month of thinking now.  *sigh*
It’s not like I am allergic to the opposite gender, I do have acquaintances but you know, to feel those butterflies in the tummy and to have the chemistry only we both would have are just not there yet. 
And let’s talk about trust issues people. 
Oh God. There is nothing worse you can do as a human being than to give hopeless hope to the hopeful ones. Seriously guys, if you tell a girl you like her, we girls understand it as you like us, literally. So if we flirt back it means we also like you. It’s not anything Newton or Einstein. 
It’s pure human understanding. 
It is very wrong that you take her feelings on a fun carousel and then after a few months you announce you’re getting another girl. 
At this moment, I usually would feel grateful I’m not marrying such guys. 
Me and my friends have been through this a couple of times and everytime we talk about it, we still couldn’t come up with any single reason as to why would a sane, educated human being act that way. It’s just very immature. 
Anyhow, going back to the issue of the million-dollar question, I believe when people ask you they are either concerned or just plain busybody. I’ll take that they’re usually concerned, especially the older family members. 
My parents recently told me that they pray they’d live a long, healthy life to be able to watch me get married. It was almost heartbreaking to hear that but it’s not like I don’t want to get married, God knows how I really want to have my own little family. HE knows well because I pour my heart out to HIM through my prayers, every single day. I believe in HIM and I want to believe that it’s not my time yet. HE probably wants me to enjoy what I’ve always dreamed of, which is travelling and other things that I love like spending time with my parents and sleep like a starfish in my bed. 
At loneliest times, I would just look at my glass half full –I have close family and friends, a great job and time for myself to travel, read novels, watch movies and like I said above, sleep like a starfish in my bed
Hence singletons, cherish the time you still have. Do things you have always wanted to do. Go join a marathon or climb a mountain or go travel and watch God's amazing creations around the world; you don’t get a job just to spend all the time at work and end up not living the life you’re working for. 
To the next person asking us the question, let’s just respond with “God is indeed the best planner, let’s leave it to HIM,” while stuffing batang buruk in your mouth. Trust me, they won’t dare asking you anything else after that
You're welcome.
*pic credit to pinterest*

p/s To all Muslims, Happy Eid and to those not celebrating, happy holidays!

Here we go again...

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone, 

Wow this blog is left untouched for so long I could imagine spider webs all over! 
The last post was January last year. Yikes really took me too long to come back. 
A serious case of a writer’s block, huh? 
So many things happened over the past year and a half. I finally got the job I’ve been waiting for almost three years and it was a tad farther from my house but then there’s the saying “you win some, you lose some.” I have to travel almost 60km everyday back and forth but I’m okay with it since I could still live with my parents. 
I know some people can’t wait to move out of their parents’ house but I’ve been there, done that for a few years and now I just feel like it’s the best to live with my aging parents again. Of course they still nag me over curfew and stuff I do like the mess in my room, spending too much time surfing the Internet and the loud music, things like that, you know..but I get to cook for them, make sure they’re taking their medicine on time and a bit of exercise, go shopping and watch K-Drama together and above all, I just get to spend time with them. I tell you, I’m getting very emotional and melancholic easily these days. My good friend Als would say it’s a sign of aging. 
Damn but it’s true. 
You basically just start to appreciate things more as you grow older. Well, maybe others start early but I’m always 2000-late, you know. *lifts an eyebrow*
I have come to realize that if you’re going to live a long live happy, you’ve got to do happy things and let go of the unhappy ones. 
Shit happens every day –people jump in lanes on your way to work, the PC doesn’t work in the classroom, colleagues and office politics, yada yada yada..just get over it and move on. The whole world is already in a mess so let’s just buckle up and face everything without it affecting you so much. 
I have also learned that if you take everything ever so seriously, you’d end up miserable. 
Try to look at the glass half full instead. 
People jump in the line –be grateful you are at least in a car with the air-cond full blast. 
Your plan doesn’t work out in class –make up something, you’re in charge, the kids wouldn’t know. Colleagues and office politics –I’ve worked at 4 different places before so trust me, it happens at anywhere you work so just do the right things and they won’t be able to touch you. Keep your integrity intact. 
Bottom line is (you probably have heard of this), you have to love whatever you’re doing for you to be happy. 
If I had a bad day and it made me sad, I would just go and eat those colourful donuts because it put a smile on my face. Or listen to any Big Bang song because TOP’s voice always makes me weak in the knees. Or go home and watch “The Wheels on the Bus” on YouTube with my adorable 2yo nephew. 
Small things can really make a difference. You just have to pay more attention to them. 
I know I am beginning to sound like a 80yo grandma but this is all very true. Bad things happen but don’t forget that God is still blessing you –He woke you up today, some people didn’t get that chance.

With that being said (or written), I hope I could keep on writing and not continue somewhere in the next year. Will take this precious blog more seriously now. See you in a couple of days.

Rocking at Hard Rock Cafe!

Well more like eating than rocking, really.

I had a really fancy birthday dinner in October last year with KD & Irna.
It's our first time there, and of course was a bit jakun.
When we arrived around 8.30pm, the live bands hadn't started performing yet. According to the waiter serving us, bands usually start playing at 9pm and that night they were having three different bands auditioning to perform there regularly. 
We chose a table outside, overlooking Sungai Melaka and Stadhuys. It was a really nice view. 
I honestly rarely go out at night because 1) there's nothing much to do at night in Melaka anyway; 2) my parents still think I'm 16. 
Oh well.

After checking out the menu in such a careful manner (everything looked super delicious!), we decided to try its nachos for starters, Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese and Legendary 10oz Burger. We wanted to order another main course but then the waiter, with a serious look, told us we probably had order more than enough for three people as the portion is big. 
How dare he lied to us. The portion wasn't big. It was HUGE! God, the food that we ordered could probably fill up to 5-6 people!
Below is short review of the food, the description is taken from HRC website :

"Corn tortilla chips layered with homemade queso, piled high and topped with Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses and seasoned pinto beans. Served with sourcream, chopped green onions, pico de gallo, jalapenos and a side of freshly made Hard Rock Salsa."
The serving was super huge. Everything tasted heavenly and the jalapenos were not that ear-smoking hot. Must be eaten quickly or the chips will turn soggy. We kept it aside for awhile to devour our main course, bad decision.Tsk tsk tsk...
"A grilled chicken breast tops off twisted Cavatappi pasta tossed in a lighty spiced 3-cheese sauce, with garlic, roasted red peppers and Parmesan parsley bread crumbs. Served with a side of garlic toast." 
The moment the mac and cheese made love with my taste buds, I knew I would come back again for this.
Enough said.

"Famous the world over: topped with seasoned turkey bacon, two slices of Cheddar cheese, a crisp fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato, and pickles."
We ended up eating the meat only as the buns were a bit dry, could hardly swallow it. The meat was juicy enough but I felt like something was missing. Like they didn't marinate it long enough or something.

 *our faithful waiter. looked so serious in this picture because he said "kena tunjuk garang baru nampak cool dalam gambar." lol*

 *the open bar*

 *Sungai Melaka & Stadhuys*

 The live bands were performing while we devoured our meals and laughed over silly things.
We've known each other for almost 16 years now, couldn't finish laughing in one night.
At this age, I believe the quality of friends are more important than quantity. Friends who really want to befriend you by heart, the ones you can pour your heart out to and expect honest-slap-in-the-face feedbacks.
If you have them, cherish these people, for they can be relied on just as your family members.
I am so blessed to have so much love. Alhamdulillah.

 Back to the HRC, I would definitely return for the food and not much for the live bands.
This old soul apparently can't stand loud music anymore.
Seriously, it was painful needing to shout during the conversation with my friends.


Happy 2014 people! 
I know I didn’t blog for the whole half of 2013 –I was plain lazy to be honest. I had the time but most of it was spent on either family and friends gatherings or me sitting in front of the laptop watching Korean dramas. 
I really need to stop watching those K-Dramas. They’re just so highly addictive I wish I had the money to buy the biggest monitor available in store so I can have full view of those gorgeous actors and actresses.

Anyway, 2013 was a year that left me with the sweetest memories. 
Well, not that I finally had met my soulmate or become a millionaire, but I think I did my best to enjoy 2013. I travelled to few countries with friends and family, spent more time with real friends, had a chance to teach new subjects at work and I turned 28 feeling the best that I had ever felt. 
I can say that I have finally found serenity in everything and looking at circumstances positively because things happen for many reasons. Some reasons are difficult to comprehend or just meant to be mysterious. 
In the end, I believe God knows what’s best for me. 
When 2013 started, I wished it would be a year I’d find my soulmate but I didn’t. Or haven’t. 
Nevertheless, 2013 helped me to be closer with my Maker and my own soul. It was a great journey for this old soul. I appreciate small things better now. 

So 2014, I am all ready for you! 
This year I want to spend less shopping on more things I already have and save more to travel the world. It may not be easy since I don’t earn tens of thousands a month but hey, when there’s a will, there’s a way. 
If in between those ways I found my soulmate who also loves to travel, then dear God, please make it easy for us to start of that eternal journey. 

Here are some random pictures that made up my 2013! 

*my dear friends got married!*

*went to Sandakan, Sabah twice for a dear friend's engagement & wedding*
*the food was fantastically amazing!*

*more shoes & handbags! opps!*
 *aaaand finally fulfilled my dream to visit Ireland!*
*yessss that is Bryan McFadden of Westlife baby! we were in the same flight!*

Apart from my friends' weddings, visiting Ireland was the highlight of my 2013.
Have always wanted to visit Ireland since I became a fan of Westlife. And to actually met Bryan in flight was out-of-the-world-awesome!
Ireland is such a beautiful country. I love every bit of it especially the lovely hosts.
InsyaAllah will visit them again in future.
I thank Allah SWT for this opportunity. Alhamdulillah.

Dreams do come true, people.
Just have a bit of patience and work hard for it.
For God is always looking after you, listening to your prayers.

Till we meet again in the next post. Hopefully soon!


It's voting day here in Malaysia on the 5th of May.
I voted for the first time so I was excited and nervous at the same time. 
First times are always hard to forget. I woke really early yesterday, had my shower and got ready then waited for everyone else downstairs while taking my quick brekkie which usually is a cup of 3in1 Regular Nescafe.
It almost felt like Hari Raya. Seriously.

So we went to our voting venue which happened to be my old primary school. Not much of memories here as I only stayed for a year for my UPSR, before that I lived in KL.
I guess as it's a once-in-5-years event the process got a bit out of control. The lines were everywhere, people were confused, the officers didn't really know how to handle the situation and the place was super stuffy.
The worst thing? My parents and other senior citizens had to queue for almost an hour before they got their turns. Plus their venue was on the first floor so I felt really bad seeing them climbing up the stairs with much effort.
It's not like there's no class on the ground level that they can use.
Oh well.

Anyway, after we had done voting, we went for a brunch and went home and basically my parents only talked politics the whole day.

*i'm turning into a Na'vi from the movie Avatar. Yeaaah!*

And as usual on Sunday evening, I went to the pasar malam in my neighbourhood.
Just another Sunday.
Life goes on.

happy feet!

 *pic credit:*

The moment VIPs have been waiting for.
It's finally here.
The details on GD's One of A Kind World Tour in Malaysia!

The seating plan is out. We all know it's gonna be at Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil on 22nd next month.
Yeah, I know it's a small venue but at least it's covered.
Those who went to watch Big Bang earlier at Stadium Merdeka would understand the madness of queuing and waiting in the rain. Oh God that was madness.
That was the first and last time I'd ever buy free standing ticket for a concert.

Anyway, here's the seating plan and ticket price.
 *pic credit: mykpophuntress*

Gahhhhh the VIP ticket price is almost the same as Big Bang! 
I seriously thought it's gonna be cheaper as the venue is smaller and it's only GD but hell yeah the organizer knows how to make money. 
So basically the choices that I have right now would be between CAT 1 and CAT 3. 
No way Jose am I gonna buy those free standing tickets. I never ever want to start queuing 4hours before the show starts. Again.

The tickets will be launched at Farenheit88 on 11th May 2013 at 10am.
I will be in Sabah at that time so looks like I need help to buy me the tickets.
They did that for Big Bang earlier so hopefully they'll be doing the same for GD.

Oh my I'm sooooo excited!