if i had you, honey

I still woke up this morning with a hangover.
Sue me.

Okay so this is the while-concert post.
We walked in at around 7pm, I was having the time of the month, so we went straight to into the stadium and found our seats.
BTW, there's a decent prayer room in the stadium, so not to worry on where to perform your Maghrib prayers.
The first opening act was Iqwan, whom I have no idea who he is but according to the MC, he won several awards international. I'll Google him later. He dressed similarly like Adam, guess everyone is affected by Mr. Lambert himself. He sang Jay Sean's 'Down' and it was not so bad! Impressive for someone I've never heard about.
Next up was Daniel Lee, who came as the first runner-up in Malaysian Idol. He belted out Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life' and it was definitely a great start for the concert! The whole stadium sang along!

*iqwal. pic courtesy of Sony Music MY*

*daniel lee*

*big crowd and humongous Digi balloons!*

*my partner in crime, Aimi!!!*

*our Glambert heels*

Adam only came out at 9pm. We heard there was a protest going on outside the stadium by PAS. So most probably Adam waited for them to step back before he started the show. I'm not gonna comment on the protest because it's a waste of energy and these people should actually go home and spend time with their family. Or check out bars and pubs instead, not a concert where there's no alcohol served or people kissing. Seriously.

Now back to Adam, the show-stopper started off the show with 'Voodoo', followed by 'For Your Entertainment'. It was amazing!! I screamed at the top of my lungs! The whole stadium sang and danced along. Followed with other fabulous songs from his album including 'Sleepwalker', 'Aftermath', 'Whataya Want From Me', 'Strut', 'Fever', 'Soaked', 'Music Again', 'If I Had You', 'Sure Fire Winners', '20th Century Boy' and 'Mad World'. Did I miss any song??

*singing 'Voodoo'. sorry for the low quality of my camera. hehe*

Prior to the concert, before buying the tix, I actually Googled about his last concerts and I stumbled upon a page from US where a fan asked whether he/she should go to Adam' concert. Another fan commented that Adam's concert is worth going because he actually sounds better live. I definitely have to agree. His songs sounded million times better when he sang live that night! He sang 'Mad World' in an upbeat version and it was the best version I've ever heard from anyone!

It was thrilling! People were screaming and jumping and dancing! He stopped singing at one time and introduced his bands and dancers. The moment he introduced Tommy, whom he's contoversially kissed on stage, everybody was shouting 'Kiss! Kiss! Kiss' and Adam & Tommy looked at each other and I could tell everyone was holding their breath, wondering if they'd kiss. Of course they didn't! Adam signed a 'deal', remember? But the teasing was more than enough for us!

I'm gonna let you feast your eyes now.
These pictures are taken from Sony Music Malaysia Facebook page. Better quality!

He's hot! The whole stadium could feel the burning temperature from his energy!
Oh my I can't stop talking about his show.
To wrap up the amazaing experience, I would say it has been one of the greatest nights of my life! I'm not really a concert-goer but if Adam comes back, I'd definitely grab the tickets fast! He has the best live vocal, top showmanship and amazing personality!
He's the showstopper baby!

*okay, breathe in, breathe out*


  1. i can't get over his concert yet, either!! =D this is my first concert, and i think it was definitely worth my money, and i'd go if he ever came back (or maybe to Singapore) if he kena banned lol

  2. Hye Mariposa!

    It was definitely worth every penny! I still can't get over his show up to this day, keep watching the videos posted on YouTube. hahaha.. If he ever comes back to Malaysia, we should really go together! Well what the heck, if he's coming to Singapore again, jom pegi jugak! LOL

    BTW, I've added your blog on my list. Nice one! Hope you don't mind =)

  3. a little post about u :DD


  4. Hye Ayieda!

    Nice one babe! If Adam ever comes back, let's go together! =)

    BTW, I've added you on my list. De let me know if you mind ya. Happy new year! =)